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Join an international team of AI and pathology focussed experts

At Mindpeak we care about everyone involved in computational pathology. From our machine learning and data science experts, to pathologists who can now focus on the more challenging cases, through to the patients who get their diagnosis faster and more accurately.

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We are making the difference in pathology

We’re a Hamburg, Germany-based start-up with the mission to democratise cancer diagnostics. We apply artificial intelligence to improve pathologists‘ ability to identify cancer quickly and accurately.

We have been voted as one of the top 10 German startups of 2020 by the German Entrepreneurship Price Committee and one of the 278 best German Startups in 2021.

The opportunity to take cancer diagnostics to a new level

We solve one of the most pressing challenges in modern healthcare: Demands for pathological image analysis are increasing rapidly, but the number of cancer experts remains stagnant.

We build support tools for visual diagnosis using state-of-the-art deep learning. Mindpeaks AI-tools help cancer experts deliver reliable and reproducible diagnoses and focus on areas where human expertise is indispensable.

Close cooperation in an international team

Optimizing cancer diagnostics with machine learning is challenging and requires the brightest minds. At Mindpeak, you will work closely with a team of industry experts in deep learning, pathology and entrepreneurship.

We need you to make a difference in the world and shape the future of cancer diagnostics!

We are always open to working with the brightest minds

Whether you see a position that suits your skills or not don’t hesitate to send in your CV, we are growing business and will get in contact if a relevant position arises.

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In the words of our team

More and more people will be able to be treated faster and better in the coming years through the use of artificial intelligence. As a medical professional, it is a very special experience to be able to work at the cutting edge of the development.

Mareike Amon, Pathologist in the Mindpeak Team

As a Project Manager I am happy to work for Mindpeak as I get insights into a broad field of tumor combat. I enjoy working with experts and to further advance the development in this sector.

Verena Uebel, Project Manager in the Mindpeak Team

Working at Mindpeak as a biologist is a great chance to apply what I have learned for the development of meaningful products.

Dr. Theresa Köhler, Biologist in the Mindpeak Team

At Mindpeak we develop AI solutions that assist in the fight against the most challenging diseases. We work closely together on pushing the boundaries and developing applications that make diagnosis more efficient and less prone to human errors. I believe that what we do has a valuable impact.

Eleftherios Mylonakis, Data Scientist in the Mindpeak Team

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Mindpeak Breast IHC being displayed on a monitor