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Bringing together technology and healthcare, to deliver better outcomes

Our mission is to make microscopical and pathological AI-based analysis accessible for everyone in the world

Mindpeak icon of a tumorous cell

AI solutions for image analysis in pathology

We offer ready-to-use solutions because the demand for the expert evaluation of histopathology images is strongly increasing while the number of pathologists remains constant.

Tools for AI and machine learning based image analysis

Our products assist pathologists in providing reliable and reproducible diagnoses. This allows pathologists and experts to focus on tasks where their human expertise is indispensable by reducing the need to perform tedious, repetitive work.

AI made in Germany for laboratories worldwide

As a Hamburg-based company, we not only prove that AI made in Germany is one of the best solutions in the world, but also offer pathologists worldwide unique AI solutions for improving their workflow. Based on that, we advised members of the german parliament several times.

Our leadership

Felix Faber is the CEO and Founder of Mindpeak he is an experienced entrepreneur and computer scientist

Felix Faber

CEO & Founder

Felix is an award winning entrepreneur and computer scientist. He founded the online games company Bytro Labs in 2008, merged it with Stillfront Group in 2013 and IPOed in 2015 (current market cap USD 3bn).

He spent several months in the Silicon Valley with the German Accelerator. He won two world championships in robotic soccer together with the University of Freiburg.

Dr Tobias Lang is the CTO and Founder of Mindpeak and an expert in AI and machine learning

Dr. Tobias Lang

CTO & Founder

Tobias is a data scientist and an expert in Machine Learning. At Zalando, his Deep Learning systems created value for millions of shoppers.

At SCR Princeton and the University of Hamburg, he researched machine learning in the fields of pharmaceutics and robotics. He received his PhD with honors from FU Berlin.

Marc Päpper is the CIO and Founder of Mindpeak and IT and e-commerce expert

Marc Päpper


Marc loves finding optimal solutions to technological challenges. As Founder & CTO, he led the agency Lemundo to become an established e-commerce IT provider with 25 employees.

In his off-time, he is a prolific blogger and conference speaker. He studied Neuro Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience at LMU Munich and UC Berkeley.

Dr. Theresa Köhler

VP Precision Medicine & Biomarker Discovery

Theresa is committed to precision medicine and launches Mindpeaks' cutting edge projects. She obtained her PhD in Tumor Biology at HHU Düsseldorf and spent several years in research and development on the interaction between Tumor and Immune cells.

Diana Röttger

Intermin CCO

Principal at APEX Medical in start-up evaluation and portfolio support. Diana holds a PhD in medical computer science with multiple global research stays including Harvard Medical School. She has 8 years start-up to scale up experience in the field of medical computer vision software for Biotech and Pharma.

Heiko Schmitt

VP Engineering

21 years of professional experience in building IT companies from the ground up. Enjoys capturing our universes beauty by doing astrophotography.

Dr Khalid Daifalla MB ChB is the chief pathologist

Dr. Khalid Daifalla

Chief Pathologist

Former Resident Pathologist at University Erlangen
Expert in the fields of Breast-, Gyn- and Uropathology
MD in Internal Medicine

Lisa Schwambach

Management Assistant

Team coordination and communication for 9 years in international business environments.

If you have any questions, reach out to Timm Gömpel (

Our advisors

Sunil S. Badve MD, FRCPath

Vice Chair for Pathology Cancer Programs and Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine

Prof. Dr. med. Jakob Kather

Physician and Professor for Clinical Artificial Intelligence at TU Dresden

Prof. Catarina Eloy

Prof. Catarina Eloy

Head of the Pathology Department at Ipatimup, the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto

Prof Manuel Salto-Tellez

Prof. Manuel Salto-Tellez

Chair of Molecular Pathology at Queen’s University Belfast, Director of the Precision Medicine Centre

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Prof. Markus Tiemann

Pathologist and Managing Director at Institute of Haematopathology Hamburg.

Prof. Ramona Erber

Specialist in Pathology, Clinician Scientist at Pathologisches Institut, Friedrich-Alexander Universität, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Prof. Rajendra Singh

Prof. Rajendra Singh

Founder PathPresenter, Pathologist and Dermatopathologist

Geoff Baum

Geoff Baum

CMO Acceldata, VP of Product at Adobe, co-founded Garage Ventures with Guy Kawasaki, U Stanford.

Dr Christian Schaaf Advisor at Mindpeak

Dr. Christian Schaaf

MD Pathologist, Molecular Pathologist, training at Institute of Pathology, LMU Munich

Our collaborations and partnerships

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Gestalt Diagnostics

Gestalt provides enterprise solutions and services to transform anatomic pathology laboratories from glass slides, microscopes and couriers to an automated, electronic digital workflow.

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Paige, the global leader in AI-based diagnostic software in pathology, and Mindpeak, the European leader for AI-based software for image analysis in pathology, announced a distribution partnership, which will enable pathologists to use Mindpeak’s BreastIHC within the Paige Platform. Mindpeak’s BreastIHC is an AI software that reliably and accurately detects, classifies and quantifies breast cancer cells. This partnership enhances the utility of the Paige Platform by providing real-time results for routine breast cancer immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarkers.

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PathPresenter Corporation

PathPresenter Corporation is a medical image analysis platform designed by pathologists for pathologists. With a user base consisting of tens of thousands of users deploying their solutions across education, clinical care and research, we have selectively partnered with this group to ensure distribution of our AI technologies on a global scale.

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Radically transforming patient care by unlocking the power of AI, Crosscope is a vendor-agnostic cloud-based digital Pathology software. Crosscope Dx, a workflow integrated digital pathology platform will use Mindpeak’s CE-marked BreastIHC and image staining solution ER, PR, and KI-67 IHC staining within the workflow software, that will immensely support Pathologists to improve the efficiency of pathology labs and provide a timely diagnosis for their patients ultimately impacting treatment and outcomes. Crosscope will be the authorized partner of Mindpeak for Europe, USA, India, and Emerging markets.

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Smart in Media

Smart in Media is a vendor of pathology workflow software and a distributor of our AI-solutions.

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Since 2012, Sysmex has had exclusive European distribution rights for 3DHistech's digital pathology solutions. We are proud to partner with Sysmex to enable customers to go fully digital and AI-powered when medicine needs accurate tumor hotspot or whole slide pre-calculation to choose the right patient therapy.

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Augmentiqs is a microscope-based platform for AI and augmented reality. With its ability to provide seamless and real-time access to AI and digital pathology applications directly from the glass slide without prior digitization, we have selectively partnered with this group to offer our AI solutions within the traditional pathology workflow.

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We are an approved partner of Inspirata. Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Mindpeak ensures the seamless integration of our BreastIHC image analysis solution into Dynamyx™. Mindpeak’s AI solutions are available in Inspirata’s Dynamyx™ platform. The combination of Inspirata’s leading platform and Mindpeak’s ability to deliver real-time and robust diagnosis support enables a seamless application of Artificial Intelligence in the histopathological workflow.

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Fraunhofer MEVIS

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS develops real-world software solutions for image and data supported early detection, diagnosis and therapy.

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Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

We cooperate with the Institute for Pathology of Charité Berlin, Germany's foremost medical research hospital.

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Institut für Hämatopathologie Hamburg

The Institute for Hematopathology Hamburg is the largest private pathology laboratory in Germany.

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Dermatologikum Hamberg

Dermatologikum Hamburg is a private health institution offering diagnostics and therapy across the entire spectrum of dermatology and allergology. On average, 400 patients are treated per day.

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Fenner Labor Dr.Fenner & Kollegen

Laboratory Dr. Fenner is a medical laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. It focuses on human genetics, environmental medicine as well as infection and liquor diagnostics.

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Pathognomics is a histopathology laboratory based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK, that offers a full service from dissection to remote digital reporting through solutions catered to your specialist and general histopathology reporting needs.

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IFB Innovations Starter

We received a grant from IFB Hamburg.

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KMU-innovativ Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

We receive support from KMU-innovativ, the program for innovative SMEs initiated by the German Ministry of Education & Research.

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DIN Institute

We are cooperating with the DIN Institute for standardization.

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Horizon 2020 (European Commission)

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NVIDIA Inception Program

MindPeak is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program.

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HAIH Health AI Hub

We are a founder and partner in the Health AI Hub Hamburg. The HAIH has created an ecosystem for exchange and co-working in Deep Tech in the Healthcare-Sector.

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