World Cancer Day: MindPeak listed as AI hope

Europe has nearly 4 million new cases of cancer registered every year. Many advances have being made to treat oncology successfully, but the fight is far from over: cancer remains the second leading cause of death globally. This World Cancer Day, on 4th February 2021, is celebrated with the theme “I am, and I will” - a reminder that everyone has the capacity to address the cancer burden. With this motto in mind, we sat down with 3 innovators working on the fight against the disease to discover their achievements and new goals. From AI diagnosis and surgical solutions to new medical devices, new EIC-funded projects are getting closer to treat a disease which previously was called ‘untreatable’. Here are 3 examples of startups beating cancer.   





AI hopes: MindPeak 


Detecting cancer is still a meticulous and complicated process. Unfortunately, the number of experts can no longer meet the fast increasing demand and as a result, patients must wait longer than necessary for their diagnosis. To overcome this challenge, the German startup MindPeak developed solutions based on deep learning to support pathologists in their diagnosis. The company is using AI to help detect and classify cancer cells.


Felix Faber, CEO and Founder of MindPeak, noted:  


“There is hope. This technology is helping to detect cancer a lot quicker and more accurately than what we have been doing until now. And it is also a cheaper method. AI can lower the costs on the cancer detection process, which means that more people will be able to have access to this diagnosis method”.  


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