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Breast | Cell quantification | Nuclear IHC

The first plug-and-play AI solution to detect and quantify breast cancer cells

The first-ever plug-and-play AI solution for reliable Ki-67, estrogen receptor (ER) quantification and progesterone receptor (PR) quantification, without the need for manual fine-tuning it to your lab
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Mindpeak BreastIHC is available in the EU as a CE-IVD marked medical device. Outside the EU, BreastIHC is Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Detailed information on Mindpeak Breast IHC

Quantification/Detection output variables

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Number of positive and negative tumor cells; quantitative score.


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Step 1: Open or upload the Ki-67, ER or PR image / whole-slide image.

Please note that images work best at 20-40x resolution.

Step 2: Select the region of interest for analysis and see that it only takes a couple of seconds to process.

Step 3: Adapt the positivity threshold to fit your assessment.

You can change the classification of a single cell just clicking on it once and BreastIHC will automatically update the result. Double click on a cell or on an empty area to add or remove cells. Select a specific area to analyse and the quantification will only be applied to the selected area.

Step 4: Get your score results on the left side menu.

Architectural model

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Proprietary AI model for cell detection in nuclear IHC-stainings based on convolutional neural networks.

System requirements

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Standard personal working machine. Minimum requirements: 32 bit Processor Intel Core i5 or better; 4 GB RAM.

File format capability

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All major whole slide image formats (tif, mrxs, etc.), png, jpg/jpeg


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Breast, Cell quantification, Cell detection, Nuclear IHC, Breast Cancer, Nuclei detection, Ki-67, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image analysis.

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Detection and quantification of breast cancer cells in seconds

Identification & Quantification

BreastIHC detects and classifies cells into positively stained tumor and unstained tumor cells. One of its great advantages is its ability to differentiate between tumorous and non-tumorous structures, improving your scoring in the tumor microenvironment

Lab Independent

BreastIHC reliability is unique: it provides accurate results even in challenging contexts as it was developed with typical lab-specific variations in mind, such as slide preparation, staining and imaging

Easy Integration

BreastIHC supports a broad range of scanners and cameras and can easily be integrated into existing workflows

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