04. February 2021
World Cancer Day: MindPeak listed as AI hope
We are very pleased to play our part in the fight against cancer with the support of the EU.
13. October 2020
Krebsdiagnostik mit Hilfe von KI Das Hamburger Startup MindPeak unterstützt Pathologen bei der Krebsdiagnostik: Die mikroskopische Auszählung der Krebszellen erfolgt bei der von MindPeak entwickelten Anwendung durch Künstliche Intelligenz. Die IFB Hamburg hat das Startup gleich über mehrere Programme gefördert. Darüber hinaus konnte sich MindPeak die EU-Förderung des EIC Accelerators sichern, die nur wenigen Projekten gewährt wird.
05. October 2020
At MindPeak GmbH we make sure that our AI meets the highest standards. As there are sometimes standards missing, we help creating them! Thank you DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. for this feature!
19. September 2020
Künstliche Intelligenz unterstützt Ärzte bei Krebs-Diagnose Die Zahl der Krebsfälle steigt immer mehr. Eine neue Technologie soll Mediziner dabei unterstützen, die Krankheit zu diagnostizieren.
04. August 2020
Mit Künstlicher Intelligenz - Revolution auf St. Pauli: Hamburger Firma entwickelt bahnbrechende Technik für Krebsdiagnose Das Hamburger Unternehmen "MindPeak" entwickelt eine innovative Technik zur Diagnose von Krebs. Künstliche Intelligenz soll das Erkennen von Tumorzellen beschleunigen und sicherer machen - und den Ärzten mehr Zeit für die Patienten ermöglichen.
06. July 2020
Our work und product was featured on German Television again. This time on the RTL Nord Journal (15.06.2020). We were part of a feature about Hamburg Companies that help fighting Covid-19. Especially our skills in analyzing high resolution pictures of cancer-tissue with our AI can play a future role in analyzing tissue from Covid-19 patients. This is the second time we were on screen on German Television and shows the large interest of media in our Company.
18. June 2020
Hamburg start-up MindPeak receives funding of 2 million euros The Hamburg-based start-up MindPeak has successfully raised grant funding totaling around 2 million euros. The funding comes from the EU Commission's Horizon 2020 programme and the Profi Transfer funding pool of the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank. Via image recognition systems, MindPeak’s proprietary algorithms help increase the productivity of pathology labs in clinical routine and promise to support pathologists in their..
10. May 2020
MindPeak sets standards: Together with a small group of entrepreneurs, experts and scientists as well as the Deutsche Institute für Normung e.V. DIN, MindPeak is developing the future industry standards for deep learning image recognition systems. MindPeak was selected for this DIN SPEC project due to its experience and competence in AI-based cancer diagnostics. The latest issue of DIN magazine describes how the work of pathologists is becoming considerably easier with the help of AI developed
16. April 2020
MindPeak is already one of the best startups in Germany: The Hamburg-based company made it into the top 10 at the German Founders' Award 2020. Every year, the most innovative and best start-up ideas in Germany are selected in five categories at the renowned competition. The top 3 will be nominated the following week and the winner will be announced in September. “I am very happy about this great nomination. The fact that we have come this far is not only an award for our innovative products for
31. January 2020
AI startups are receiving important funding from investment firms. This is the case of MindPeak, a German company that developed Breast IHC, a diagnostic tool that counts tumour cells and differentiates between tumour and non-tumour cells. “Nowadays, pathologists count 100-200 cells in order to score certain cancer attributes. That takes several seconds to minutes. With our AI, the pathologist can count 2000 cells in a fraction of the time. That makes the work faster and more accurate” explains

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