The new artificial intelligence solution for reliable Ki-67, ER and PR quantification

Increase your throughput and quantify more cells in a fraction of the time


Red: positive tumor cells, Green: negative tumor cells
Red: positive tumor cells, Green: negative tumor cells

BreastIHC is a new artificial intelligence software for quantification of breast tissue. It assists pathologists in identifying and quantifying tumorous regions in slides with IHC staining, a traditionally tedious and time-consuming task.


BreastIHC was developed with typical lab-specific variations in mind, such as slide preparation and staining. It supports most scanners and microscope cameras. As a result, its reliability is unique: it provides accurate results even in challenging contexts.


BreastIHC can easily be integrated into existing software. Integrations into several leading lab software systems are already available today, with more underway.


BreastIHC is for research use only.

CE-IVD clearance of BreastIHC is expected in early 2020.

Main features

  • Thousands of cells can be quantified in a few seconds
  • Results can be reproduced at any time
  • Has unique reliability even if slide preparation and staining vary
  • Works out of the box, no manual parametrization needed
  • Works with most slide scanners and microscope cameras
  • Results on individual cell levels provide full control to the pathologist

Try it out yourself

Illustration of how to create a new user account on
Illustration of how to create a new user account on


  1. Go to
  2. Click "Create Account"
  3. Choose a username and a password and enter your email address
  4. Enter the confirmation code you received via email
  5. Start analysing!

You can upload any Ki-67, ER or PR image. Supported formats are jpg and png. You can also provide screenshots.

Any questions?

Do you want to learn more about BreastIHC? Are you interested in a pilot trial? Do you want to integrate BreastIHC into your lab software?

Then please contact us. We are happy to hear from you and will answer immediately.