Spotlight Partners

The Institute for Hematopathology Hamburg is the largest private pathology laboratory in Germany. 

Dermatologikum Hamburg is a private health institution offering diagnostics and therapy across the entire spectrum of dermatology and allergology. On average, 400 patients are treated per day.

We cooperate with the Institute for Pathology of Charité Berlin, Germany's foremost medical research hospital. 

Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS develops real-world software solutions for image and data supported early detection, diagnosis and therapy. 

Pathognomics is a histopathology laboratory based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK, that offers a full service from dissection to remote digital reporting through solutions catered to your specialist and general histopathology reporting needs.

Laboratory Dr. Fenner is a medical laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. It focusses on human genetics, environmental medicine as well as infection and liqour diagnostics. 

MindPeak cooperates with the department of pathology at the university hospital of Magdeburg, Germany.

The Kepler university hospital of Linz is located in the third-largest city in Austria.

MindPeak is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program.

We received a grant from IFB Hamburg.

We receive support from KMU-innovativ, the program for innovative SMEs initiated by the German Ministry of Education & Research.

We are a founder and partner in the Health AI Hub Hamburg. The HAIH has created an ecosystem for exchange and co-working in Deep Tech in the Healthcare-Sector.



We are cooperating with the DIN Institute for standardization.