Gestalt Diagnostics and MindPeak Announce Strategic Relationship to Deliver Integrated Image Analysis for Breast Cancer with ER, PR and Ki-67


Spokane, WA, and Hamburg, Germany (October 7, 2019) – Gestalt Diagnostics and MindPeak today announced their strategic relationship on the development of an integrated workflow for pathologists to instantaneously send regions of interest to MindPeak. MindPeak's Image Analysis services for digital images support ER, PR and Ki-67. The companies are providing a faster, more streamlined diagnostic process for breast cancer patients.

“By integrating with MindPeak we are providing Pathologists with the ability to select regions of interest on a digital image, automatically send that to MindPeak and receive their annotated results back in real-time.” says Gestalt COO & Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa-Jean Clifford.
“Providing Pathologist's instant access to AI algorithms directly within their workflow not only increases their efficiency, it helps speed the time to diagnosis and ultimately to treatment for cancer patients. This can have a significant impact on the pathologist's turn-around times, accuracy and greatly impact the outcome for individual patients.”

"The Gestalt platform is an optimal environment to make our AI accessible to pathologists. The combination of an excellent platform with sophisticated AI is what will bring pathology forward in the future." said Felix Faber, MindPeak's CEO.


About Gestalt Diagnostics


Gestalt Diagnostics is a private, profit-driven software company who provides technology solutions, technical and integration services and support to pathology laboratories. Gestalt has developed PathFlow, an enterprise software platform specifically designed to bring the benefits of digital workflow to pathologists and pathology laboratories. This product was originally developed, by what is now Gestalt’s team, to support a fully digital reading platform for radiology. The radiology platform is used in leading hospitals across the United States and supports more than 15 million studies annually. Gestalt has expanded and redesigned this proven, robust solution to work in the laboratory space – engineered for the unique needs and workflow of pathologists. To learn more, visit


About MindPeak


MindPeak is based in Hamburg, Germany and has the mission is to increase the accuracy of cancer diagnostics and make it accessible to everyone who is in need. MindPeak’s software tools are based on artificial intelligence and assist the pathologist in routine diagnostics. The software makes it easier and more efficient to solve repetitive standard tasks, which are not challenging for the expert, but tedious and error-prone. MindPeak has developed BreastAI, a software for fast and accurate quantification of breast cancer IHC's which can be integrated as a service in third party software. MindPeak’s products are for research use only. Visit for more information.